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Iconfinder Android client

Iconfinder Android client
Description of API see here: API 2.0
There is parser feed with Volley and uses Fragments
This is an example of how to generate classes from feed and make Parceble class using
Generate Java Objects from JSON
Source code available on GitHub Iconfinder Android client
Google Play: Icon Hunter


AirTickets AviaSales feed

Air Tickets search
It is just demo but fully workable
Work version see in Google Play AirTickets
Uses API Developers (API and Data)


Json to SQLite Export feed

Export Json to SQLite example
This code convert Json string from file to SQLite database
Source code available on GitHub Json to SQLite
Json -> GSon -> SQLite
For nested Java classes try using Json to SQLite Nested


Opencart PrestaShop JSON API for Android Application generator

This is a small module that adds the ability to remotely work with the OpenCart 1.5.3+ via the REST API.
With this module you can create your own Android application. Application is generated from a template. You do not need to know programming languages​​. Adjust the color of the text and lists. Change the image of the header and the footer and then generate your native Android application and download to your smartphone.
The generated application see on Google Play OpenCart Android Client Demo
Programs list see here Application List


RSSFeedFragments RSS Feed Client uses Android Fragments

This Android sample opens RSS content URL in WebView
RSS Feed Client uses Fragments for navigation on RSS items

Features: Pkrss - RSS feed manager for Android
WebView - Load detail content
Source code available on GitHub RSSFeedFragments


Currency Converter uses json feed

This Android Application get feed from
Currency values are updated every 30 minutes
Source code available on GitHub Currency Converter


Chibi Manga Doll for the little ones. Little cute doll.

Are you going to the children's puppet shop? Make your cute doll. Try on her dress or baby T-shirt. Funny character dolls for your baby. This is colorful shop. The doll laughs with different length and manner


Fashion Girl. Chat Plus Also!

Pretty and stylish avatar creation kit is a file, where you can play with layers and create your own look for the avatar girl! Very easily you can make your own, awesome girly character. There is tons of combinations where to choose from (actually over a million!) and all graphics are high quality and nicely detailed. You can also change colors in hairs and clothes. Get your own fashion avatar kit and have fun with it!
Print your flyer file from path /mnt/sdcard/pictures/
Also communicate with friends in chat. Discuss fashion trends. Does not require permissions except Internet access and write to SD Card. Does not require the purchase through the app. No pop-ups. Just launch and play!


Car Race 2D. Top View Casual Game.

Classic car race 2D game with very expressive and powerful intro / opener which will catch everyone's attention. Race on asphalt tracks. Looks very good on the tablet screen high resolution Top view game with two opponent. Recommended resolution of screen 480x800 and higher. Additional control by means of pedals and steering wheel. Dozens of trails. Complete all the tracks. On the track are deftly cut the end of opponents. Realistic control cars, drifting, control logic opponents will not give you easy walking track.
Win 6 races and enjoy the prize!. Engines: AndEngine, Box2d. Buttons: Vicki Wenderlich.


VLC Android Sample player uses ffmpeg library

VLC is media player using ffmpeg codecs. Are you want build that on Android? Lets do it! More...

Full Beta version see on VLC home page VLC media player for Android™